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Ready. Set. Roll!!! 🎥

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I only miss this place A LOT! So much fun, such great friends and memories…

#MahanAir #MahanTower #Awesomeness (at Mahan Airlines Headquarters)

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Smart quote from #Woz.

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Some classic guitarist action!

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#tbt to all those good old days. I remember #Windows was used to work!
#XP #OldPC

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Poland is a culturally rich country but the thing a programmer would love about it, is the fact that Poland was also the inventor of blue laser technology that is crucial in producing SSDs today.
Photo cred: Aleksandra Zielonka
#Flag #Poland

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@GoPro people have to spend A LOT of money to get all these mounts, guess what?! It all comes free with @Kodak #PIXPRO :) 😎

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The game is on but I care not 👍😄

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According to Mr. Ritchie I could be a genius, I wonder what would he call someone who modifies Unix!

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This is where I am today, live covering #WIStateFair with @wauwatosawest. If you’re at the state fair, come see me! (at Wisconsin State Fair)