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This blessing made my night. Thanks god.

Posted 2 days ago

#Moharam is not just about Black.
#Black is not the sad color.
Break the ancient taboos.

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That’s the definition of love. Right there…

Posted 6 days ago

Everyone has a dark side from their past. I get along with mine.

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Thanks @Google.

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#IceBucketChallenge: Thanks @prabhchanna for nomination and I nominate @max_castro777, @kyletornow, and @sallar you guys have 24hours, good luck.

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Ready. Set. Roll!!! 🎥

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I only miss this place A LOT! So much fun, such great friends and memories…

#MahanAir #MahanTower #Awesomeness (at Mahan Airlines Headquarters)

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Smart quote from #Woz.

#GreatWoz #SteveWozniak #Quote